Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cat Fight!

Lemony is a crazy cat person. We have added a new kitten to the house, and boy are the other 2 cats MAD! Our Mau pure breed was the first cat because of the pretty coat and the personality of Maus is more like a dog. Then it was decided that he was lonely and we got a cat from a local cat rescue. She was not warmly welcomed by the other cat, but they get along well enough now.

So the cat rescue emailed Lemony and said they had a kitten like the one we had adopted and was wondering if we were interested. Long story short, we got the black one. Lets hope the other cats don't eat her.

Update on cats: Nobody got eaten. Feliway saved the day. Happy cats are here again!

Osiris, Shakira, and Halima.

Osiris and Halima share a cat nap.

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Unknown said...

As a crazy cat person, I'm all applause about more feline in the house. I only have one cat, Shiva, who is reigning court on my lap right now. Now that he's 7 & 1/2, i've been seriously thinking of getting a younger companion for him. But not all cats are born loving cuddle like me and him. Seriously, he has his head rested on my right wrist as i type, and he finds the movement comforting.
Love is love, i guess, and soon i'll need to find a third to help us both in the transition. Any suggestions appreciated.
Btw, i used the tern 'loving cuddle' b/c 'cuddlers' is supposedly not spelled right. Somebody write/right Webster.
Love is Law, Love under Law.