Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adobe Lightroom

Sorry, I know its been almost 2 weeks with no posts but work got crazy. What you going to do. Can't complain though, everyone tells me I just sit on my but for a living. The curse of a digital life.
I thought I would share what I got for my birthday, speaking of digital. I have about a terabyte of pics that I have yet to properly catalog, and got tired of jumping from program to program touching up photos so I finally decided to get myself a treat and purchased Adobe Lightroom off The only regret I have is I didn't get it sooner. If you are at all familiar with photoshop I would highly recommend it. It places your pics into a library with keyword search, allows you to do basic editing, or smooth integration with photoshop if you own that. A big sell for me is it supports dual monitor so I can edit the photo in zoom on one screen and view the changes almost instantly on the other. Many print options and web publishing as well. Check out the reviews on, they will probably answer any questions if you have tens of thousands of pictures like me.

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