Sunday, October 18, 2009

A New Hobby

As a little kid I always loved finding things. I would pride myself at looking until I found what I was looking for, checking places off in my mind and thinking of new places to look for the lost items. So when I was shown a metal detector as a young kid I was more than excited about the new items it could help me find. I never had one of my own, they were always too expensive when I had money or I had no time for it when I did have some extra money.
This recently changed, thanks to a bonus program at work. I collected enough points this year and decided to give to myself. I received a Bounty Hunter IV Metal detector and I really enjoy it. It is almost as relaxing as hitting golf balls at the driving range. I will write a more indepth review later, but in short, it is everything you need to learn the basics of Metal Detecting. I have sweeped most of my yard, next stop is the beach!

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