Monday, July 7, 2008

Cholesterol, Tastes Great But Will Kill You

So with all the recent health issues we have had in our family, along with getting yelled at by my eye doctor and stomach doctor, I went and had a physical for the first time since my early twenties. It was the first serious blood work in five years. As usual my glucose was off, typical in my family, and I need to keep a better eye on that now. The new finding was that my cholesterol is high. Borderline, to be precise. After I looked it up here, I found I knew less about cholesterol than I probably should. This is all a good thing, because no other results were high and a little self control can correct this easily.
Bad part is I misplaced my self control a long time ago, when it comes to my eating habits.


Capital 3 said...

Cholesterol is a silent partner to my family, but with strange benefits. I have 'borderline' cholesterol levels as well, but haven't had blood work since I started my very limited no-sugar diet. The fats I AM eating are naturally low saturated fats, so dunno what that does for the 'bad' levels. I was told to eat chocolate and almonds, perhaps more fish in there as well.
I've heard some debunking of the cholesterol levels- my grandmother lived the latter part of her life (20 years) with high cholesteral (around 400!!!) and refused medication. I'm told it's blood pressure to really watch out for.
I'm not a good candidate for blood thinners- I get catatonic.

wortwood said...

As I understand it genes is a big factor for most peoples different blood test levels. One side of my family tends to have naturaly low blood preasure, but lots of stomach issues. The other side of my family has more glucose and cholesterol issues. Knowing my luck I got all the bad genes.