Monday, August 4, 2008

Just trying to keep up, some more pics

We have been busy this last week. Work, kids, house, and friends have been filling our days--and nights, in some cases. Since it has been a week since the last post, I thought I would go through my gigs of photos and post a few.

Here are a couple interesting pictures from this spring. We were at the park when our middle daughter said she had found a fairy mushroom in the tree. I questioned her on what she was referring to and our oldest daughter then said that she had seen it also. So I got up, and to my surprise and amazement there was a slit in the tree...

and when peeking into the slit you could see a glowing white mushroom.

I guess my daughter is right. Fairies do exist.

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gramma c said...

I remember finding this with the kids! Almost makes me believe in faries!