Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama, I Really Want To Like Him

In case you missed it, Obama has picked a running mate, Senator from Delaware Joseph Biden. Now this causes me to look at Obama again because I personally like what I have seen of Joe Biden. I have seen him on several news shows and the most memorable are appearances he has made on Bill Maher show on HBO. Everything I have seen and read about him I tend to like. He does have a tendency to put his foot in his mouth, but he also tends to speak more honestly than most politicians that I have seen on TV. Trying to speak honestly in politics will always get you into trouble.
So once again I must think about voting for Obama. If I could only trust someone on some level of politics I would feel so much better about the whole political BS. If McCain can remember how many houses he owns I might vote for him.


Unknown said...

Frankly, i thought Biden was a brilliant choice and a telling one. The 'pundits' kept claiming that Obama needed to expand his base in a traditional way, ie. White Southern Democrat. This was the same mentality that gave us Kerry and Edwards. As a Public Defender, Edwards was a model citizen. But when he found it necessary to out Mary Cheney during a debate, i lost faith.
My main fear was Sen Obama was going to be bought out by the Kennedy machine or sabotaged by the Kucinich/Nader Left (oh, he's not really one of us, he's a secret centrist Republican just like Clinton).
Biden is a Liberal bulldog from the NE. Delaware, first state to declare independence, and strong enough to reside in New Jersey's armpit.
The man's a bit loud for a liberal, in a good way. In Portland, OR we have a newspaper called Street Roots, made, written and sold by the homeless. I understand Biden as the type of guy who would pass the homeless Street Roots salesman a $20 for a copy of paper and then loudly talk to the man for half an hour, introducing the Street Roots vendor to people, until his driver has finished circling the block.
I'm old enough to remember his first run in '88 and obviously every other attempt. He is a powerful player who has always gotten ignored for being too ready to offer an opinion, giving the him the "hoof-in-mouth" reputation amongst the press and populace.
I thought Obama was suffering from his move to the Center, and that his Far Left base was getting out of hand (Ludacris, you owe our man an apology). But the choice of Biden reminds me that old-fashioned Progressive ideas are still valid in Senator's Obama's Worldview.
Education is ethically better and in the long run more economically viable than indoctrination, institutional enslavement and blind military jingoism.
I have more respect for a man who will public ally separate himself from his longtime minister for unfortunate comments about the AIDS experiment on the American populace than for one who will not separate himself from racist Creationists and who recently apologized for his wife not participating in the wet T-Shirt contest at a biker rally in Arizona. Mrs. McCain, i'm sure your anti-choice husband apologized. But the insinuation was that he would sell your sexuality to the populace for vote and that sticks.

Insert Hope slogan here.

wortwood said...

You have a better grasp on politics than most people I know, but you always did have a talent for understanding complex things.
I would realy like to know if any change will come from these elections. Not real change mind you, that just won't happen.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

i blush at the compliment and/or raise my fist towards you for your insult against those you insinuate are stupid.
That is essentially Obama and his struggle as well. Sorry, he's not allowed to blush and appear delicate. Or defend those he really doesn't know
Have you had the experience yet where an average citizen share's w/ you the 'secret Muslim' theory? A friend was in the dental chair several months ago getting his teeth cleaned and got to hear it all. He was too embarrassed and 'open minded' to say anything and got abused mentally while she made his gums bleed w/ a sharp tool.
Change? It goes deep. Back in the 80's, the meme Political Correctness started among those who still resented the term Ms. and all these new social language laws.
What are they? Queers or gays or faggots or fruits? Black, colored, niggers or negro? Who's the enemy? Commies, Nazis, homos, Catholics? If you start claiming multi-cultural, pan-sexual agnostic tolerance, then those w/ simple ethics get mad and confused and just start shooting.
"Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do."
"Not Yet" is Drucyphr's response.
Education, mate. Do you remember those anti-Nuclear Plant protests Mother would drag us to when she was all involved in the Health Food Coop? They weren't based off of facts but propaganda.
"You cant hug a child with nuclear arms."
Astute. of course, nonsense. A great pun but as long as people accept puns and supposition as logic we are defeated.

the above is a great list of logical fallacies with explanations of their fancy Latin names. Learn them and teach them to those dear to you. Treat them like Christians should learn their commandments, especially the first.

Ad hominem An ad hominem argument is any that attempts to counter anothers claims or conclusions by attacking the person, rather than addressing the argument itself. True believers will often commit this fallacy by countering the arguments of skeptics by stating that skeptics are closed minded. Skeptics, on the other hand, may fall into the trap of dismissing the claims of UFO believers, for example, by stating that people who believe in UFO's are crazy or stupid.

Realize what what you Know vs what you Believe. Fight for what you Know is True. Otherwise learn and Teach and never accept a personal attack as being viable.

I Talk too much,
Love is The Law, Love Under Will.