Monday, January 12, 2009

Dean Kamen, Segways, and FIRST, Oh My!!!

So I came across this post on today that caught my eye for a few reasons. Dean Kamen is highlighted talking about similar traits that Entrepreneurs have in common. The article reminded me more about why I like doing FIRST competitions. Even in the home stretch when tensions are high, the kids don't want to meet anymore to run the same robot programs over and over again, and the parents all want a nap.
The FIRST FLL Maryland State Tournament is Jan. 31 at UMBC. I blogged about it many months ago, but I have neglected to provide any updates. So instead of updates I will point you to the Teams blog, and ask you to leave intelligent, age-appropriate comments, to see how much the kids learned this year.

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princessbride said...

I am glad they have a blog. I enjoy reading what they are doing there!