Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching up the Lazy, I mean the Easy Way

So one of the many reasons I have a blog is to keep track of interesting news and facts in one spot. The problem becomes posting them in a way that I can make sense of it all later and posting it before I forget about it. We have been busy lately and I have several links I wanted to write about and when that happens blogging is the last thing I worry about. So here is a quick and dirty dump of News and links.
Death knell sounds for Europe's beekeepers I don't know why this is not bigger news, this is happening more every year. The kids and Lemony went to a bee farm last year in MD and they said most bee keepers were seeing at least a quarter to 1/2 of there bees disappear. I don't like bees but I love what they do for us. " "It is a complete crisis," said Francesco Panella, who tends about 1,000 hives in Piedmont, northern Italy. "Last year, I lost about half my production. I can't survive more than 2 or 3 more years like this. My son won't be able to continue my trade."
Mystery has surrounded the recent decline of bee numbers, but most keepers blame modern farming methods and the powerful new pesticides used on crops like sunflower, maize and rapeseed."
Why does Craigslist run kinky ads? This amuses and saddens me. This is a long explanation of why Craigslist runs Erotic services ads. Read the article.
This last one is a brief article from a snarky online tech site I love to read. Britain leads world in police state survey; Gold medals for snooping, spying and surveilling Remember these are our allies. Right?


Peace Jaway said...

Which part saddens you?

wortwood said...

It saddens me becasue this would be a non-issue if Craigslist ads were named something non-sexual, instead of 'erotic services'. Craigslist, like any good services is driven by the consumer. If people didn't want 'Erotic Services' then they would not have created the category named such. Also as the article points out, this same problems have been seen in the non-erotic service areas of cragslist and it has happened to paper news that post largly the same things in the "personal ads". It is also sad when people (lawyers in this case) try make an issue of things for their own personal gain.