Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dual Widescreen Wallpapers

When I bought my most recent computer one important thing was having dual monitors (having on computer with 2 monitors attached and the desktop seamless between the 2). No dual monitors is not for a cool effect, it is for efficiency. If you have not used a dual monitor setup try it for a month, you will never want to go back to a single screen. When I got my monitors I got them from Dell and on sale. The reason they were cheaper than most was they were not a common resolution or size screen (3360 x 1050 to be exact). So when I went to find some desktop wallpapers I found I was a little limited. That was when I found with a nice collection a wallpaper that I would not have to explain to my wife or kids. But alas, like most blogs it has not been updated for a long time now. So I have copied the pictures and will be posting them to my website periodically. Here is the first few wallpapers at 3360 x 1050 resolution for dual widescreen monitors.

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