Friday, June 26, 2009

The Loud Silence of the Iranian People

In case you have been under a rock for the last few weeks, Iran has been having some internal problems. Google 'Iran elections' to educate yourself if you have any questions.

What I can glean from all of the news articles is even the small governments have a strong control of their people's voices.

This post was fueled by the following links;
From the Slate article "The Revolution Will Not Be Digitized How the Internet helps Iran silence activists." By Farhad Manjoo "The big story in Iran is confusion—on a daily basis, there are more questions than answers about what's really happening, about who's winning and losing, about what comes next. The surprise isn't that technology has given protesters a new voice. It's that, despite all the tech, they've been effectively silenced."

From the Salon article "Unveiling the revolution" By Tracy Clark-Flory "The world has been shocked by young Iranian women fighting on the front lines -- but their rebellion is nothing new"

From the CNN article "Iran says Neda's death may be tied to 'terrorist' group" ""It's heartbreaking," President Obama said Tuesday, referring to the video of Neda, which means "divine calling" in Farsi. "And I think anyone who sees it knows there's something fundamentally unjust about it.""

Also from Salon "Tehran dispatch: The regime shows us movies
They want to keep us indoors, and quiet. But which subversive programmer picked "The Lord of the Rings"? Editor's note: For reasons of personal safety, the author chooses to remain anonymous. By Anonymous


Unknown said...

Even the death/black metal community is starting to disseminate protest music out of Iran.

Halla! That will not get old soon.

wortwood said...

This is naive.
Censorship is not about stopping all, it is about stopping the important stuff. Iran doesnt want to kill all the information coming out. Iran wants the fluff to keep flowing out to show that all is well, distract the people with movies, music, and entertainment scandle. They need to kill the important information, and find the source of it so more does not come back. Like this.

wortwood said...

Just to be clear, I am not calling your post naive, I am calling the url I linked about the Google CEO naive. The link you posted is very interesting. I agree with your comment on the site. "drucyphr said...
so much appreciation for the links! Passing the actually music around makes it so much more real for those who have no concept."

It makes me kind of sad that some have no concept, and sadder yet knowing that many never will.

Unknown said...

No worries, i knew what you meant. And i'm sure if you were going to start calling me names, naive is not at the top of the list. ;)