Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to Own Public Domain

I have complained about intellectual property rights and abuse before. This is a new angle of how companies constantly avoid their property going into public domain while using free knowledge and art to make money.
"The public domain is the greatest resource in human history: eventually all knowledge will become part of it. Its riches serve all mankind, but it faces a new threat. Vast libraries of public domain works are being plundered by claims of "copyright". It's called copyfraud - and we'll discover how large corporations like Google, Yahoo, and Amazon have structured their businesses to assist it and profit from it."
Read the three page article. It is informative. The last paragraph says it all;
"Publishing should not be permitted to become a Google-Amazon oligarchy. Let us not forget what happened when a single portal to the entirety of the world's books was assembled: the ancient Library of Alexandria burned to the ground, taking everything with it. Nobody should be allowed to become a single portal to the world's knowledge. ®"


Unknown said...

I find the reference to the Library of Alexandria a bit bizarre. That was an effort by Alexander the Great to retain knowledge. And it was burned by those who found knowledge 'wrong'. and then there's that Chinese Emperor, whose name i ironically forget, who made a huge effort to burn every reference to history before him b/c he wanted written history to start with him.
Otherwise, i completely agree (again). Next time you have 20 minutes to get hip, here's a great educaation about a 6 second drum break that became one of the most famous samples in history.

Notice the bit about how Sony now claims they own that beat b/c of a Jungle music sampler they released in 2000, 30 years after the original track and just in time for the original intellectual property rights to run out.

I won't go over rehashed ground but i do Really appreciate you staying educated and educating about this. Rock on.

wortwood said...

How I take the reference to the Library of Alexandria, mankind should not have only one way to access worlds knowledge. Google is a good example of that. They cache about every page they search. Thats why the delete button is a myth.